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Notes For Your Registration

Each page of the questionnaire has a session timeout, set by the server, of one hour. So once you get started, don't break for lunch, otherwise you may come back to find the server has wiped everything you have done!

We suggest that you have a description of your property ready to enter into the appropriate section of Page 2. If you stop to think about it for a while, you may find the server has pulled the plug on you again!

One other caution: Wherever you see the red * you have to give an answer. There are not many * but your answers to these questions are especially important for your future clients to be able to find you from our database. We want to make it easy for them!

If you'd like to have a look at the Questionnaire before you start, you can see a screen shot of each of the three pages by selecting the following links:

GGW Company registration  Page 1 : Company Registration
GGW Accommodation Questionnaire  Page 2 : Accommodation Questionnaire
GGW Eco-Credentials Questionnaire  Page 3 : Eco-Credentials Questionnaire

And, lastly,


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